Spotlighting Our Members – Tanja

This member has not posted since 2017. For some reason 2017 must have been the year of the “I just don know what to do!” for some members.  They lasted about a year and then left.  Tanja was a teacher.  That’s it!  For her bio, that’s all she wrote.  She seemed to have a fascination with millionaires.  I found her Virily profile because she had tweeted about a millionaire. Maybe she left Virily because she became a millionaire.  Maybe she now has a home on Navagio Beach in Greece.  Hey!  It could happen!  Sure wouldn’t mind if it happened to me.  LOL.


How to Become a Millionaire in One Day


3 – Day Millionaire Wedding of Fashion Blogger – Feiping Chang



The Most Beautiful Hidden Beach in Greece


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