Sorry Guys

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted but with PGE blackouts and all else that has been happening!
We has issues with my older niece it got so bad that when she went off on my good friend who has some serious health issues for buying Paisley some clothes I had to block her!
My friend the one who my niece sent the hate filled text messages to despite knowing that my friend has the serious life threatening health issues, I had to block her, and I blocked another friend out of my life for feeding into the drama, I’ll tell you what it’s a freeing feeling.

We are all fed up with PGE and all the shut downs where I am at, but some definitely take it to far!

Little Miss is growing like a weed, and becoming quite the young lady, when some kids made some smart Allen comments about us the other day, she told them they needed to grow up, despite the fact that she’s only ten and they were high school aged, I’m so glad she doesn’t behave like that
I am once again working With children at Church which is awesome!

At the moment though I’m exhausted and need some rest!  

What do you think?

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