A Smile goes a Mile

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Looking miserable and dull?  Be the one to be frowned. If you smile, everyone will smile with you. Perhaps, not for every smile, though! We need to learn how to develop a true and contagious smile that can turn a bad day into a good day and help you make friends wherever you go. Feel comfortable when you smile. Many people are a little nervous when they have to smile. They do not know their smile looks good.

They think the smile makes them vulnerable or look less professional. It is true that a smile can mean little vulnerability. But that is part of what makes the smile so strong. No matter how safely, professionally or intelligently your face looks, most people almost always respond better to a smile. You must always have positive and happy thoughts. The easiest way to have a great smile is to be happy. You can be happy all the time, but not everyone is.

When you’re not happy, you can think of beautiful things in nature. Think of someone or anything you like. Or think of a joke that you find very humorous. Note that if you are angry, and try to smile, you can cheer, even if you have to grab that smile. Smile is communicable. You can smile even with your eyes. When we think of the smile, we think of the mouth. But the eyes are important for a real and gentle smile.

Smiling with your eyes is difficult to explain. The jaw generally rises slightly and the eyebrows tilt a little. But when you see it, what you realize is that glitter in the eyes. Build up your smile. Don’t you particularly care about your smile? It’s a common restlessness. It is generally aid that ‘a smile is better than a frown’. It’s just true that some smiles look better!


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