Smart Man – 16

Whether from Nigeria or Trinidad,  India  or Romania, or anywhere between,  women would learn that getting an American man to marry them,    was not a finger snap.

To engage in sex, even to get a woman pregnant, was not  an instant door to marriage.

America was a society where people had sex with lots of other people, and changed partners regularly.

Only a specific type of man was worth the attempt.

This had to be a man alone.   A man with no family or estranged from his family,  who really had no one. That any friends or existing relatives were more than arm’s length.   This would mean  there was no one in his vicinity he listened to.

Along with that, a woman  had to investigate to insure that the chosen man was stupid but thought he was smart.    This is key.

A man who knows he is stupid leaves the possibility that someone could trick him.  A man who thinks he’s smart doesn’t.

Daraja had a number of such men in her purvey.   She watched them,  When she reached her three year mark, with one more year of University to complete, she made her move.

Paul was her willing victim.


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