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If you see Jennie’s page on Facebook, you’ll  see how much she loves her Daddy!  He’s the best Daddy in the World!

If you know Jennie, you’ll find a snobby selfish pretensious woman who thinks only about her self.

If you know Jennie’s Daddy,  he is living in squalor while she has a mansion.

Jennie spent more on her Christmas decorations than he lives on in a month.

She could take him to live with her.  If she doesn’t want him in the house she could move junk from her garage, have a little bathroom put in, and let him live there.  But she won’t. For Jennie’s father doesn’t match the portray she presents,  and wouldn’t fit in with her in-laws whom she worships.

Of course, you don’t know Jennie .

These posts about her Daddy are no more than smokescreens to hide reality.   As if words on a screen overcome actions in life.


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