Shoot 'em up

From the New York Times June 6, 2022:

“It was another bloody weekend of carnage in the United States.

Two people died and 14 others were wounded in a nightclub shooting in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

A 19-year-old died and three other men were wounded in a shooting at an abandoned house in Macon, Georgia.

Two people died in a shooting at a bar in Mesa, Arizona.

A 14-year-old girl died after a shooting erupted in a downtown street in Phoenix, Arizona.

Three were killed and 11 were injured in shootings on the street in Philadelphia.

Five teens were shot at a high-school graduation party in Socorro, Texas.

Eight people were shot and one killed at a graduation party in Summerton, North Carolina.

One person was killed and three wounded in a shooting in a residential block in Omaha, Nebraska.

And one person was killed and five more wounded in a shooting in Chesterfield, Virginia.

 In all, there have been at least nine mass shootings in the United States since Friday.”

We’ve all watched American Westerns,  shooting each other is kind of normal in the United States.   That’s the ‘cowboy’ mentality.  

However, the days of ‘six shooters’  has been replaced by military hardware so  one doesn’t have to pull the trigger each time they want to fire;  hold it down and lots of bullets can fly out, so one doesn’t need to be a ‘marksman’.

Of course nothing at all whatsoever will be done to limit the sale of guns and to whom they are sold;  that would interfere in the rights of Americans to kill each other.


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Written by jaylar

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