Scattered – 5 (Conclusion)

If you find yourself falling behind, so that something that should be done yesterday is not done, realise that you have to focus. Focus on one endeavour.

For example, if Melisa was aware of her shortcomings, she would have instantly contacted a lawyer, paid and had all the documents gathered and filed, and all that would be needed would be her signature.

With the attorney walking behind her, the house would have been in her name in less than a year after her parent’s death and could have been sold.

If Debbie realised that she was an easy mark she would lock up her money in a Trust so that she could not easily touch it. And should she make a loan to anyone, an attorney would have been in the driver’s seat, so that after the due date, a suit would have been filed.

If you find things slipping away, time dancing by, stop and sit down and keep a daily journal of what you have to do. List everything and put the document in a obvious place so you have to see it. Go along list, selecting the most urgent, and focus on that.


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