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Quick and easy tips to drinking purified water

Pure water is essential to immunity and health. With growing illnesses around the world, water seemed to be most recurring cause. Human body is 70% water, and we must hydrate ourselves enough to avoid feeling parched and sluggish. At times like this, it is essential to sip on pure water so health is not compromised.

Here are a few ways to get quick access to pure water:

  • Boiling – One of the safest way to remove impurities and kill organic dirt is boil water. Heating water till it touches 100 degree Celsius ensures an absolutely clean drinking water.
  • Chlorination – Another surefire method to make water fit for drinking is to chlorinate it only adequately and not more. In order to attain the right balance, the ratio of water and chlorine was be same. Or lesser chlorine must be used against the water that needs treatment for safe drinking water.
  • Filtration – One of the most common methods that is used to purify water is filtration. It is the process of separating dirt from water using microscopic sieves to block the impurity at one side and allowing clean water to pass through.
  • Distillation – It is the process of heating water marginally below its boiling point to collect the vapour. This vapour is free from tiniest particle of organic or inorganic dirt and is one of the safest water from consumption.
  • Iodine – The chemical iodine is a potent filter that is lethal against bacteria and virus. When water is treated with it, every trace of outside particle is removed to give you fresh drinking water. However, adding a lot of chlorine changes the taste of water.
  • Water purifier – One of the most effective method to purify water is using a water purifier. By merging power of technology with the wisdom of filtration, water is filtered deeply to remove both organic and inorganic impurities. Purity is guaranteed using water purifier.

Never be confused when you drink water from today. Always take any of the feasible step and always go for pure water every single time. Search for the best water purifier for home online at


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