Private Life =Private

I admit reading nothing, viewing nothing about Harry and Megan’s relationship with the other “Royals.”

It is none of my business.

I don’t blather about my private life.   Especially not to strangers.   

What is mentally wrong with Harry and Megan that they have this sick need to dump their private relationships into the public domain?

When they first married I had positive views about them.   As time passed and they expressed their sick need to verbally vomit their private lives I changed my view to negative rather quickly.

He insults his family, she whines about everything.

As Narcissists; the Emotional Hoarder version, they have a need to demean those around them who they feel are superior.   They need to weaponize every possible slight and paint themselves as deserving of constant pity and apologies.

When the relationship tanks I’m sure they’ll blame each other.

Poor widdle munchkins, the world isn’t bowing at their feet..


What do you think?

Written by jaylar

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