Pointers for Making To-Do the List

Some employees are knocked-out on how to deal with their tasks in the working place. The basic thing to make it successful is to learn in sorting out the tasks. If they can’t maintain this simple practice, then it would be a disaster. Most of the time, employees are always on the rush of accomplishing the tasks. The end result is poor quality tasks and work performance will be greatly affected. That would be another situation to feel pressured at work and it adds to one of the stressors in life.

1. Prioritize the Tasks

The first course of action for the employee is to prioritize what tasks needed from top to the least things to do. A checklist is the best tool for the employee to take notes on their note pads. Then, plot the task activities on a table.

2. Accomplishment Time of Tasks

Next, the employee should take note of the duration of specific tasks based on the initial prioritization. These are all the basic foundations of accomplishing the task given to the employees. In some occasion, it is better to plot the tasks on available whiteboards and installed on the wall.

3. Deadline of the Tasks

Finally, the tasks can still be monitored based on the accomplishment duration. It can be easy to push through and be pressured prior to the deadline for specific tasks. It seems troublesome but the way of doing it is effective and efficient.

The three-way process of this course of action can be done depends on what nature of the job. It can be done on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. At least, there is no reason an employee to feel disorganized and don’t know where to start. It is always on the basic way with the usage of a pen, notepads, and whiteboards. In some way, modern gadgets can finalize the action plan and learn to sustain their practices.


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Written by Steven Gamboa

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