Playing Him Like a Piano – part 54

Neither Kat nor Dami  cared about their babies.  To Damian, his son was a toy for his obnoxious wife to play with and the added benefit of a howling child was allowing him to stay at the hospital to sleep.

As Kat, he knew how to play his spouse.

He’d  sat down, alone, and when Simone found him, he was crying.  She asked what had happened, and acting reluctant, allowing her to pull the words from his throat, explained how the baby kept him awake, and he needed to sleep in the most round about way.

It was Simone who suggested that he spend some nights at the hospital.

For Kat, she relied on the nurse for the first week, then played sick. Jerry had to keep the nurse another week.  Then she marched around behaving frustrated and talking about  losing her job.  She became emotional.  She had never been emotional before.

Somehow,  pushing a word here, and there, she got Jerry agree to look after the baby, and hire a baby sitter, so she could go back to work.

The gambits of Dami and Kat worked perfectly.

This is because Simone, Damian’s wife considered him unsophisticated, almost a child she had to tend.   This is because Jerry thought Kat was stupid and weak.


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Written by jaylar

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