Pit Children – part 23

The plan seemed to go as Paul and John created it.

Sandra had no inkling that her sons had hidden motives.  They tried to work on the guilt aspect, conveniently forgetting the times she tried to take them and they refused to leave their Grandmother.

After   two weeks of making their mother uncomfortable,,  Julie arrived, Paul and his mother would collect her at the airport.

Paul had parked badly, and gotten a ticket.  He demanded his mother pay the ticket as if it were her fault he parked badly.

This  twist in Paul’s mentality sent an electric shock through Sandra.  For  two weeks she had put up with John and Paul’s skewered view of  reality.  She kept looking for logic.   Kept thinking that there was something she didn’t understand.

She  picked up that they had suffered with their Grandmother, but deep in denial, as if brainwashed, they would chant that “She was a Great Mother,” then return to whining about what happened or didn’t happen twelve/ten/ nine years ago.

When Paul began to focus on the ticket, as if that was the center of his being, Sandra realised something was seriously ‘off’.


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Written by jaylar

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