The thing about clouds is, it resembles our emotions.It has the capability to cry, to smile, and to simply burst.

Personally, I see clouds as a source of hope.When I wake up every morning and have my cup of coffee,I look up at the sky and see those floating cotton balls as white as snow and its just so calming.

Clouds becomes grayish when it has water to carry just like us when we experience struggles,darkness swallows our entiretybutjust like rains, when cannot bottle all the negativity up because time will come it will be fullbutjust the a teardrop, sometimes we need someone that will serve as a renting buddysomeone that we feel comfortable to voice out our feelings.We need to speak out to lessen the load and to see the light.

okay idk if that makes sense but guys,Amidst the pandemic that we are facing, let us not lose our hope but instead be full of it.This too shall pass. Everyone is suffering, everyone is fighting especially those frontliners that are continuallyworking in order to provide services to their fellowmen.Let us be cooperative and do our part.Stay safe, wash your hands, andstay hopeful and faithful.xoxo


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Written by Vanessa

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