Oops.. Me & My Drunk Guardian Angel

Monsoon has arrived.

The beautiful smell of Mother Earth.

The sound of pitter patter on the rooftop.

The lushy green environment.

These are the things that mark the monsoon season.

However, apart from this we should remember that when it pours, the streets turn out to be slippery. That’s what happened last year.

I still remember that day. About a year back, while I was returning home after giving an exam, it started raining heavily. Just as I was walking down the street, my foot slipped and I fell down. There was a policewoman nearby who came for my help. She helped me in that situation.

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After sitting there for some time, once again I began to walk back home. On reaching back home, my mother was worried to see my clothes dirty and bruises on my arms.

She asked what happened? If I was fine.

And I just said- Yes mom.. I am fine now. Just got a few scratches. But don’t blame me.. coz it was my guardian angel who got drunk today.


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Written by Manni


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