Olivia Jade and Bella Exposed

Saturday, 3.16.19

This week’s top story is about the college admissions fraud of the rich and famous. But in this post, I focused on the rich and famous celebrities, who use their name and money to buy themselves an education at expensive schools, just to put the name of the college on their resume, even though they might lack the intelligence or even have any interest to go to college. 

Remember, acting is all about lying, cheating, and pretending, or fake it until you make it method…

These videos are interesting. It displays how the rich and famous really live…

#1 Olivia Jade Partying on Caruso’s Yacht

Olivia Jade was on partying Rick Caruso’s yacht. (Rick Caruso is the USC Board of Trustee Chairman). Caruso’s family were also involved with fraud and conspiracy. So, I guess all corrupt people work together and do business together to help each get ahead in life. Olivia Jade loses the Sephora endorsement because she is a corrupt fraud.

It's the life of the rich and famous, where they all work together, play together, and help each other cheat their way into high society together...

#2 Olivia Jade does Illuminati Promotions to her Fans or Followers…

Olivia Jade promotions as a Youtuber. She appears to promote Illuminati and Baphomet. It appears to be satanic symbolism and promotion. One-eye promotions, duality promotions, and middle finger promotions…

I have been on Youtube since 2013, and I have never even noticed any of her videos. It must be targeted to stupid kids her age because she is funded by the Illuminati to promote satanic symbolism to idiots in her age group.

#3 Student who went to the same high school…

Someone in the comments mentioned that the all-girl catholic high school that Olivia Jade, Bella, and Harlow went to is Marymount All-Girls High School in Los Angeles. 

This video is interesting because this girl, Harlow, went to the same high school as Olivia Jade and Bella. It states that this school is mostly for high society girls.

#4 The Parents of Olivia Jade and Bella

  1. Lori Loughlin is mostly known for her role on Full House, which is a 90s sitcom with the famous Olsen Twins as babies. I am not sure how long the Olsen Twins were on that sitcom. 
  2. Mossimo is a fashion designer, who once had a company in Irvine, California. I remember back in the 90s, I was at the Irvine Petco, buying dog food for my Shihtzus, and the salesgirl stated that Mossimo just bought dog food for his two Dobermans and walked out from the back door to his limousine. I also met him at a local mall, where he was promoting his fashion clothing. I think I got his autograph. But I was just walking by, browsing in the department store. I think they also have a house in the Laguna Niguel area, which is by Newport Beach and Laguna Beach. But this video is displaying their LA home. So, I am sure they have more than one homes. He now sells items in Target because I think I have some Mossimo items from Target. 
  3. I wonder if Mossimi clothes will still be sold in Target stores after this incident...

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Written by Fifi Leigh

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