Not My Sister's Keeper – 2

I was active, involved in sports, in politics,  social events.  I was into  so many things.  When I look back, if there weren’t photographs, I couldn’t believe I did all those things.

Miri was withdrawn. Daddy called her  a ‘non’;  a non swimmer, non bike rider, non ball player;  whatever I was into, she was not.

As we lived in a child friendly area, with dozens of kids, so many activities, I only saw Miri at meals then in bed at night.

I don’t know if I can explain it better;  yes, we lived in the same house, slept in the same room,  but had different ‘worlds’.

If I had not been a friendly, active kid, with a ‘whole life’ outside of the house, then maybe Miri and I would have been closer.  But from the moment I sprang out of bed and had breakfast, I was out of the house.

If it were a weekday, I was at school, then after school activities. I came home for dinner, then out until called.

If it was a weekend, a holiday, a vacation, I was out after breakfast, called for lunch, out, called for dinner and out; until called for bed time.

I was what they call a ‘free range’ child.


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