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My Sun

I woke up and it was dark even though the world was day clouds stretched across the sky obscuring the earth below the darkness overpowered it almost blinded me except for one thing that i did see over all the shadows I saw the sun today the morning felt like deathIt chilled me to the bone the mist a frigid blanket that wrapped around my chest air was hard to breathe a heavy rain coated my lungscould not take another minute But I saw the sun today harsh wind against my ears no sense of sound or sight trees whipped back and forthfallen pray to the tempest’s pull i was knocked upon the ground for i could not stand all alonehelpless on the sidewalk Yet I saw the sun today fear kept me down i ducked my head in shame beaten by the darkness the air that haunts my soul told to keep on moving a chain linked around my neck dragged me slowly backwards Still I saw the sun today pushed against the wall hate’s cool rays numbed my core words bombarded my ears my stomach turned inside beaten by my peers i don’t know how I’m intact i walked the hallways all aloneThough I saw the sun today muffled noise i hearit stood out against the roar destitute and hurtit sounded just like my own i lifted my head up high as rain poured down my cheeks to gaze upon the hurt As I saw the sun today surrounded by my foes a soul hurt beyond repair it had lost all its resolve and was not fighting back a memory stirred inside that brought new life in me i knew what i must doGlad I saw the sun today i stood against the wind and faced the foes i hate put on a face of courage to help a soul without i’ve learned that hatred can not stand if there is a light that contradicts so the oppressors ran and scatteredFor I saw the sun today bruised and bloodied on the ground i saw the face i’ve helped but hope was newly shining in eyes of blue and blackdon’t know why i had done it but ever grateful that i did words he uttered struck my heart“You were my sun today”

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