My New Workout Schedule

Monday, 12.2,19

Today, I decided to return to my gym workout because the weather is cool again. My whole experience felt different, as I walked through the Spectrum Center mall, toward the 24-Hour Fitness gym, which is across from the Edwards IMAX theater. I arrived ten minutes before the yoga class started, which I didn’t have time to do anything else. Usually, I walk on the treadmill or ride the stationary bicycle for one hour before yoga class. 

I noticed there were changes in Yoga class. Now, we have access to blocks and straps for our yoga workout. I have a block at home. But I don’t take mine to the gym because I will most likely end up forgetting there by accident. One hour of yoga felt good again. I notices the classes have changed. There are yoga classes for three days now, Monday, Thursday, and Friday, which is fine with me because I can use the treadmill or stationary bicycle on Tuesday and Wednesday. I rarely work out on weekends. 

On the first day of December, I decided to use the monthly treats I bought for Gumby, which is an Advent Calendar for Cats. There is small treats for each day, until it counts down to Xmas, and he gets a bigger treat. I bought it at Trader Joes. It looks fun, a treat game for cats. 

When I returned home, I decided to make Turkish coffee after my lunch. 

I am contemplating a new workout schedule, changing my workout from one hour of yoga on some days, while doing one hour of treadmill walking and one hour of stationary bicycle on other days. And, on weekends, if it isn’t raining, I would like to ride my Huffy bicycle for 30 minutes to one hour. 

I added a snapshot from the South Coast Plaza mall in Costa Mesa, CA. They do this tree decor every years since the 80s. (Well, I have lived in SoCali since October 1979. So, I don’t know when they actually started). But it reminds me of the Rome cathedral decor. 


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