Michael Cohen declared the Donald Trump to take the path of darkness

Michael Cohan, former lawyer of US president’s, who once said that he could also have bullet for the Donald Trump, after receiving a 36-month sentence, expose Donald Trump ‘evil deeds. Michael Cohen is the first member of the close circle of President Trump, Who have been sentenced to imprisonment on the special investigation of Russian intervention involvement in the US presidential election of the 2016.

He have acknowledged the lie speak to the Congress, financial disadvantages and tax evasion during election campaign. In a New York court, 52-year-old Michael Cohen accused his crime on President Trump. The former lawyer of the Donald Trump told Judge William Paulay on Wednesday that Donald Trump was the reason for the path i choose from light to darkness.

Michael Cohen has been scheduled to report in New York’s Otisphil prison on March 6, In addition to the sentence of imprisonment, he has also been sentenced to a fine of US $ 2 million.

Michael Cohen has acknowledged that during the election of the 2016 elections, he had misunderstood the trademark property of Trump. In addition, there were charges of tax evasion and bank fraud on Cohen, in which he is convicted.

Michael Cohen offered In return for his decline in his election campaign, he offered to provide more information regarding payment after the financial disadvantages and former porn star Stomach Daniels ‘a candidate’.

Michael Kohn has been a special person of the Trump and has been tense in his relationship after criminal cases. President Trump calls the special Council Muller’s investigation into ‘which Hunt’ and criticized Michael Cohan to help him investigate.

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