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Thursday, 2.18.21

This week, while browsing on Youtube, I came across an video by Erik Menendez. I guess he has his own channel. He is talking about his experience in prison. I check out some of his videos, and suddenly my stream started getting filled up with Menendez brothers videos about the trial, interviews, and the movie. 

When I first heard about the event, when it happened, I thought it was very disturbing and sad. I felt sorry for the brothers because of all the sexual abuse and other abuse. And, it was sad that they couldn’t make it stop without killing their parents. 

As I think about the case, as well as watch the videos, I feel that they shouldn’t get life in prison. They should get psychiatric help for their abuse and controlling their anger buildup while serving their time for the murders, until they are able to get paroled in the future when they get the help they need to function in society and move on. 

#1 Erik’s Menendez Talks About His Life Now.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

I recently noticed on Youtube that one of the Menendez brothers has his own Youtube channel. I remember the trial on tv, when it first happened. It is sad that his father was sexually abusing him and his brother, and they finally killed them for the abused. I wasn’t sure whose side to take. I felt sorry for they brothers because of all the abuse, and they probably should have ended up at a psychiatrist institution for help. But they did commit murder of their own sick parents. Erik looks like he is making most of his time is prison. I hope they are both getting help, and they both are able to have a normal life when they are paroled for the murders and have gotten the help they needed.  I think it was self-defense because they were sick of the sexually abuse and they probably felt it was the only way to make it stop.

The brothers are half Cuban from their father and Scandinavian from their mother.

#4 The Truth About the Menendez Brothers

I watched this video to check out the witnesses in the trial…

Diane Vandermolen was one of the witnesses, who was their cousin. Kathy Simonton, was another cousin, who was a witness. Marta Cano was another witness, who was their aunt. Edward Fenno was Lyle’s college friend, who was also a witness. Alan Anderson, another cousin, was also a witness.  Marianne Cano, another cousin…Andy Cano was another witness…

Lyle and Erik were 21 and 18 when they killed their parents…


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