Melania broke silence “I don’t care, do you ?” Jacket conspiracy

US President Donald Trump’s wife Melanie Trump was wearing a green jacket on a refugee camp visit, on which back was written that ‘I do not care at all, do you? This jacket was just of $ 39.

Melania Trump has been  famous model before becoming the first lady and does not make the choice of costumes, therefore, the minor jacket and sticky writings received special importance worldwide, and debates started when interesting comments were also made.

US President Donald Trump said that a message has been given by the author on Melanie Trump Jacket which was for of the false and propaganda of media.that We do not care about such media and these propaganda and we will continue our work.

Melania Trump’s spokeswoman said in a reply to the question regarding written on the back of the jacket. That ‘it was just a jacket, nothing more than that, and nothing else should be taken’. There was never a standpoint in Melania on this matter, but now the first lady has broken her silence on writing on the jacket.

Malania declared misled this impression and told the media that I had wear the jacket for children, and jacket was not wears at the camp but to go into the plane and coming back. Melania Trump told about a write on the jacket that it was a message for the left-hand media group to criticize as much as you want, and present the truth mixed in lies, they understand that I do not care about them completely.

Melania said further that I think that if I do not wear this jacket, then I can not get enough coverage, but the media should look at my performance and actions rather than focusing on my clothes.


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