Meditating in the Rain

Thursday, 3.12.20

This is my cute sheep backpack from New Zealand. I use it as a small purse to carry wallet, keys, lipstick, and iPhone, just minimum necessities on short excursions, or I will also carry a messenger bag for other needed items. 

When I go on my bike ride, this backpack sits inside the basket comfortably, facing forward and looking ahead. It appears to be enjoying its relaxing ride. The basket also has my chains, just in case I stop somewhere and I need to lock up my bicycle. 

A palm tree in the nextdoor neighbor’s back area.

The plants in front of my front door. The one inside a pot is mine. It is grown high in recent days because of the rain. The association plants have been thriving since they switched to native plants that can thrive in drought desert temperatures and tropical areas. 

By my front door…

My old car in my parking lot getting a good shower this week. I hope it isn’t acid rain or crappy dirty rain. 

Gumby D’Arcy sleeping on my boho cushions and blanket. 


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