Manners Should Not Ever Go Out of Style

I am often reminded that my manners are old and out of style. Well I say, if it was good enough 50 years ago,it is probably still good enough now. So to prove the point I going to use these retro pictures and tell you why  these things still matter.

We live in a civil society. It is not because it just happens. It is because every day people strive to have good manner and pass it on to the next generation.

Many of you won’t recognize the styles and or maybe not even the objects. Others may find a fond memory or two.

The Door

Holding the door open for those behind you is simply a kind and proper. No matter how old or young you are, you can handle the door for the next in line.

When someone holds the door for you a polite “Thank you” is required.

Keep your germs to yourself

There a few generations who didn't learn that when you cough or sneeze you cover with your elbow. It's fine to put a handkerchief in the crook of your elbow as well.

Thank You Cards

Get and old fashion thank you card and write a sincere note. Put a stamp on it and let the mail man take it. It's charming. It's thoughtful. It's kind.

Be Punctual

Time is a value. Please don't waste someone's time.

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