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Manifestation over Rebellion (Part 42): Silly Pride!

Pride is the primary cause of why a person will fall.  To make matters worse, our society will put someone on a pedestal for the sole purpose of knocking them down when he or she makes a major tumble by believing the press clippings about oneself.  As in chess, the king is totally protected at the start of the game.  However, one wrong move can lead to checkmate.

That is how pride operates.  Once a person begins to think too highly of oneself, then that person will become complacent.  That complacency brings about a steady decrease that is not noticeable until the bottom falls out.  Pride is so harmful that this emotion is linked to the symbolism of the number 42.

The number forty-two can be broken down to six times seven.  The number seven represents perfection or completion.  The number six represents evil as six is one less than seven.  Six is close to being seven, but six is not seven.  Put these together and six times seven represents complete evil.  Evil appears to be good, but evil is really not good.  Pride feels good, but pride really is not good.  Silly pride!  Here are four things that can be done to prevent pride from creeping into your psyche.

1. Do not act like you have arrived.  Once you accomplish something, that does not mean you should rest on your laurels.  Look to accomplish something else.  Taking action on a daily basis will not allow for complacency to damage your work ethic.

2. Focus.  Living in a multi-tasking world can cause for a person to be more distracted than usual.  Take the time to figure out what needs to be done now.  Focus prevents procrastination.

3. Forget the past.  Dwelling in the past keeps you from doing something in the present.  Do not allow for the past to paralyze you.  Forget the bad things in the past so that the past will not traumatize you.  This will sound strange, but forget the good things in the past as well so that complacency will not slow you down.  For example, this post is the 42nd post on this series.  If I focused on how good I wrote the first one in this series, then I would not have chosen to continue to write on this topic of manifestation over rebellion.  So many sports teams do not repeat as champions because they rest on what they did last season instead of focusing on this season.

4. Reach for the future.  You can make your future whatever you want your future to be because the future has not happened as of yet.  Plan what you want to do and then pursue that plan.  Go forward and reach out.

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