Manifestation over rebellion (Part 33): That Next Level

The goal in life is to continue to go higher and higher on a daily basis.  However, many fall short of the mark of progression due to stagnation or distraction.  Nevertheless, we continue to strive for the next level.  One key that will unlock some of the mystery is simply in the meaning of the number 33.  Thirty-three represents manifestation of disobedience.  Basically, you have to know when to say no.  You must become disobedient in a civil sense when the masses are going the other way.  You must choose to swim upstream like the salmon.  Here are four tips that will allow for you to reach that next level.

1. Continue to go higher.  If you stop going up, then you are not going up.  Eliminate complacency.  Go for greatness.  For example, this is the 33rd installment of this series.  I could have stopped this series a long time ago, but there are new levels to climb.

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2. Continue to call others to go higher with you.  You must continue to encourage those who want to keep moving higher.  When you focus upon others more, then the less you will be focusing upon yourself.  Exhorting others will allow for negativity to leave your life.

3. Discernment is necessary.  You must be able to determine the conditions that are around you so that you will be able to make the necessary adjustments in order to thrive no matter what circumstances that come your way.

4. Do not carry others with you.  Reaching for that next level can be lonely at times because you cannot carry others with you.  Only you can make the decision to better yourself.  The person that you carry will eventually the person that will bring you down.

Utilize these steps and you should be able to reach that next level within three weeks.


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