Manifestation over Rebellion (Part 32): Earthly perfection anew

I named this part after the numerical significance of the number thirty-two.  Thirty-two equals eight times four.  The number eight represents a new beginning.  For example, the eighth day symbolizes a beginning of a new week.  The symbol of a sideways eight represents infinity, which will be a new beginning for all of us after we pass on from this earth.

The number four is an indication of earthly perfection or earthly wholeness.  A term that is used to represent the entire earth is the four corners of the world.  The entire earth can be explored and discovered by using four simple directions:  north, south, east, and west.  I combined both meanings of the numbers to show that thirty-two is a new beginning of earthly perfection.  Please look at the four steps so that you will be able to experience perfection upon this earth in a fresh way.

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1. Know where you are going.  Choose to always go towards your destination.  If you are off track, then choose to get back up and get back on track.  You must become fervent about reaching your goals this year.

2. Create a better routine for yourself.  You must select to improve your daily routine in order to break away from any type of rut you keep experiencing over and over again.  If you do not like your results, then you need to change your routine.  You will not better results until you improve how you do things on a daily basis.

3. Prioritize your mission.  You must put your goals even ahead of yourself.  If you do not believe in what you want to do, then how will anyone else support your mission?

4. Have a good support system?  Why keep yourself around those that hurt you?  They will continue to hurt you.  You need to break away from anyone that is unproductive.  For example, if I was around bums all of the time, then I would not have been able to expound on this topic of manifestation over rebellion.  Remember that positive results will always be the incentive to leave your past behind.

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