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Living In The Unknown World

Life is a puzzle, sometimes you don’t get it right, when you chase it hard it’s turns and chase you back to you. There are lots of hidding secret in this world wish we have no idea of.

Great men are the once in the grave who doesn’t know what they are or who they are till they lost their life to it… Great are the men who discovers their talents and made provision, sacrifice for it to keep up the coast and make them a better people in the society.

  • Do you know who you are?
  • How are you sure you ain’t making the wrong?
  • Are you sure you’re not on the wrong part

Life is worth more living depending on how you live it.

Sometimes we make wrong choices not because we wanted to, but because we’re forced to or the way we find situation of life.

The truth is “You’re responsible for whatever happens to You”

Career career more people die everyday with their undiscovered Talents.


  •  Take full responsibility and control over yourself henceforth
  • Put no blame on anyone
  • Stay away from discouragement
  • Do not fear
  • Keep timing

“You’re not better until you are the best”


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Written by Charlie Ginette

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