Learn To Subdue What Fears You Moving The Item You Love The Most

I have been living with my family since the day I was born, 30 years back. I still remember the day when my mama and dad had planned to send me to the boarding school and I did not let them follow their will because it was against mine. They all were thinking as I were afraid of studying at a high school but the real fear was of moving, staying away from the family. By any mean, I managed to stay with them throughout my life.

When the days of my wedding was near, all my friends and family members roasted me with this thing. I will not lie here, I was really not happy at leaving my parents’ house and moving into someone else. Though I was my getting married to the love of my life but still had to follow the traditions, so did I. Somehow, I pulled myself together and begun planning what’s next.

Apart from my wedding dresses and jewels, my mom took responsibility for handling everything which was much of a relief. As I knew I had to move in a separate home with my love, I had gathered many things to décor a home. Among all my goods, the one I loved the most was my piano and my parents promised to move that along with me. I was a little astonished when they promise me this but I was more concerned about my piano. To my surprise, they call the Local movers in Houston TX and asked the piano movers.

Next day the team was at my place along with all the tools required to meet the goals. I saw them handling my delicate piano piece. First, they disassemble everything then covered them with the moving blanket to protect the corners. I feel no shame in admitting that they did beyond my expectations. Not only this but also, they assembled the piece again and played a lighter tone to ensure that everything was fine.

They proved to be a great help in helping me overcome the fear of moving my piece of heart, my piano. Later they helped my moving other goods as well. They did all the packing and also helped me positioning the heavy furniture at my new home, which I know feel was impossible; if they had not been around. They left me with no doubt as also offers storage space for the things that were not adjustable. ‘

I asked them, “Where will you be storing my goods and how can I get them back?”  They recommended the Storage movers Houston TX that took all the responsibility and ensure that my goods will stay safe with them, which really happened.

Today, after 6 months, when I needed my goods; I called them. They remembered me and serve me with the same service. I am happy to find my goods same as I left them.


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