Interesting Myths of Carpet Cleaning being Busted

Carpet cleaning has been a tiresome and vigorous job. There are certain technicalities that need to be catered while cleaning a carpet. If they are ignored, the carpet is damaged. Yes cleaning the carpet regularly is a must. You need to have it shampooed and cleaned so there is no dirt or dust left in it to cause diseases. However, there are a few myths regarding cleaning of carpet that are commonly heard.

These myths regarding professional carpet cleaning service in Milpitas CA have been busted. They hold little to no truth to themselves. Here are a few that are heard quite a lot.

A Brand New Carpet Needs No Cleaning

First and foremost what you hear when you purchase a new carpet, it is said that it does not need to be cleaned. Do not fall prey to this statement at all whatsoever. This could not be more far from the truth. Even if you bought a new carpet, have it cleaned immediately. Do not wait for it to smell bad. Who knows how much more of the dirt and germs settle in while you wait for it to look or smell dirty. Whether the carpet is for residential use or commercial, hire a residential or commercial carpet cleaning service for it if the task is too much for you.

Human eye cannot see the tiny particles embedded in different layers of the carpet. Gravity also plays a role in pulling down all that debris into the carpet. Therefore, start cleaning your precious carpet sooner than later.

Cleaning the Carpet Frequently will make it Look Disheveled

Thanks to the immense advancement in technology, the chemicals now used to clean carpets are not harmful. They do not discolor the carpet or damage the fiber or texture. In fact regular cleaning of the carpet is mandatory to keep it clean, smell fresh and look as good as new.

If you are still in doubt about the chemical products, what you can do is you can test the product on the corner of the carpet. If it has any drastic effects then do not use it otherwise it is alright to put them to use. If still you stay apprehensive then hire a residential carpet cleaning company.

A Carpet Powder is enough to keep it fresh

A very common myth that carpet owners believe in. it is said that sprinkling carpet powder is enough to keep it smelling fresh. It is false. The powder provided is like talcum powder. The more you sprinkle it on to your carpet, the more it settles down into the fiber as it is insoluble. If you think you can vacuum it and it will come out then you are badly mistaken. Even vacuuming cannot suck out the entire powder. It will stay there.

If you think of washing it with water then beware. That will be a huge mistake because powder mixed with water will give a disastrous result for your carpet so be careful. It is better to have it cleaned regularly. So be aware of these few myths if you own a carpet or are about to own one.


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