Inside the Capsule – part 28

All the Exams went as smoothly and as easily as the first for  Margaret.  She gained the highest grades in all subjects at the school.

She was given the Top Student Award and accepted at various universities.   She chose one in the City, of course, the one she had always planned on attending.

Although she hadn’t wanted to, she had to attend the graduation ceremony as she was Valedictorian.

Her parents were there.  Margaret was going to make a canned speech.   She had actually prepared one.  But when she came to the microphone;

“When I entered, I had one focus, that was to do as best as I could on the exams.   I did not waste time dealing with the social mores of the community, the behaviour of the meanest girls I have ever encountered.   I focused on my school work. And I have reaped the rewards.”

That was it.

Margaret left the stage.  There was a splatter of applause as she moved to her parents. The Principal, although annoyed, did nothing but complete the ceremony.


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