In the Good Ole Summertime…

Friday, 6.28.19

I woke up early today, and I decided to do laundry, both whites and colored. Wow, I must be really bored. I continue my resting period, before I go out when I need to. At 5:30pm, I decided to go to the walking meetup at Woodbridge. On my drive, which isn’t very far, maybe around 3 miles, I saw a group of people standing at a intersection corner, in front of the Civic Center, each waving a rainbow flag. I am assuming it has to do with homosexuality. But I am not sure what is going on. It was a nice, summer day, as I arrived and noticed 13 people showed up for this meetup. I decided to walk both manmade lakes, which was around 4 miles, because I need exercise therapy for my calf, feet, and veins. We finished the walk by 8 pm, which was still light outside, and I drove home. I noticed I was sweating today during the walk. During the walk, I noticed cute brown rabbits hopping around, as well as many ducks and geese. Since it was a nice summer day, there were many people on the walk, jogging or taking a summer stroll. 

I also noticed the city started the summer concerts and movies in the parks. At the Woodbridge Park, they were showing the recent Spiderman movie, which is supposed to be good, but I never saw it because I am not into superheroes. I should have probably stayed there and checked it out for free. But I felt dehydrated and I needed to go home. Maybe they will show it at Mason Park, which is by my place. I wonder if it will come on the indie channels.


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