Family portrait with Thanksgiving dinner

In Laws – 3

Josh married Donna.   Her mother and sister came with the package.  

In a rather short time he was severed from his family.   His friends were replaced by Donna’s friends and relatives. He was unaware of this, as the movement was subtle.

There was no one in Josh’s world save Donna’s ‘crew’ which  always took her side and kept her secrets.  

Her friends knew more about the intricacies of the marriage than Josh did. 

When Josh tried to link his mother, sister, brother, Donna made a situation.   

Knowing his mother lived in Jamaica and was coming to visit next month, she started turning up the air conditioner, so that 75o became standard.  This meant his mother should be made very uncomfortable from the moment she entered the house until she escaped.

Aware his sister was Vegan Donna made sure there was nothing she could eat in the house. 

In short, Donna insured that anyone connected to Josh would be uncomfortable, go away, and not return.

When Donna divorced Josh, she got everything and he had nothing and no one. 


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