I had a Good Workout Today

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Today was a long day. I worked on my graphic novel script all morning, before deciding to change my clothes for an evening gym workout. I put the bed sheets in the washer before I left. (Gumby had vomited on the bed. I don’t know why that happens). I went early because I had to stop for gas.

For the first 30 minutes, I went on the treadmill. I did the Haleakala Run, which is a trail in east Maui, Hawaii. I walked the 30-minute trail while watching the Maui scenery. It is a narrow, paved road. It is the largest dormant volcano. It hasn’t erupted since 1790. I notice the area is rocky, probably lava rocks, but there is a lot of greenery. I noticed some trees in the background. It was noted that this area has beautiful sunsets. In some areas of the trail, it was foggy, which looked more like the London fog. In other areas, bright sun rays illuminated the area like a tropical paradise. Toward the end of the video, I noticed a coast on the right side with the blue ocean.

In this 30-minutes walk, I walked a little over 2 miles and burned 342 calories.

Then, I decided to go on the stationary bicycle and watch flat screen TVs hanging from the ceiling. I did that for one hour, while watching part of Friends episode and American Dad (Adult Swim Cartoon). I did 6 or 7 miles, and I burned around 200 calories.

Then, I decided to sit in the sauna for a couple of minutes, before going in the lobby and watching a Zumba class. I am considering trying this class in the future. It is probably confusing for me because I am not good at dance.

I did a 1-hour class of Pop Pilates. I think I am going to be sore tonight.

When I walked out of the gym, it was dark at 7:30 pm. But the mall was active and social. It was a nice, warm day in the 80s. And, this Saturday is Autumn Equinox. Daylight Savings Time ends on November 4th, which is a Sunday.

When I returned home, I placed the laundry in the dryer–Only the sheets and a mattress cover. The other two items needed to be hanged to dry.

I added a snapshot of my Estates gym I decorated in Yoworld game. In the scene, my avatar is the one wearing the visor, and she is in an animated game with for other avatars.


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