How to wake up? – Methods and tips

Waking up early is a problem for many, especially when it comes to getting up for work or school. Instead of accustoming our body to getting up early regularly, we most often fall into the traps of holidays and holidays when we try to “catch up” with all waking wounds, and sometimes we get up after late lunch. But is that good?

Research has shown that those who feel better earlier in the day are more productive and successful. Of course, there is one cause-and-effect connection throughout the story – waking up early also requires going to bed earlier.Below, we bring you methods that will give you various answers to the question of how to wake up in all situations that cause drowsiness.

How to wake up? – tips

Morning wakes can sometimes be really painful. If we also assume that you are not exactly the morning type or have just returned from vacation, some waking methods might really help.

Of course, you can always use the methods we bring you, and it would be best if you got into the habit so that waking up early can really be the easiest part of the day. The following tips can help you:

1. Exercise is always a good choice!

Many of you will probably skip this tip quickly, but there is some reason why it comes first. Morning exercise, which may not be physically difficult or long-lasting, can really affect quality throughout the day.

Short and easy exercises of stretching the head, arms and legs, running in place, or simply walking helps your body to move after hours of sleep. Furthermore, exercise raises the levels of endorphins , a happiness hormone that will help you feel better.Likewise, some research has shown that morning exercise can improve performance during the day, whether at work or at school. Keep in mind that old saying, “In a healthy body, in a healthy spirit!”

 Eat an apple!

It may seem strange to you, but an apple can really help when you need to wake up. Apple has an abundance of natural sugars and healthy carbohydrates, which are extremely helpful in regulating and restoring blood pressure.

There are many more benefits of an apple that we can sum up in another saying: “One apple a day drives a doctor out of the house!”

Take a shower in cold water!

If your shower in cold water is too extreme for you to wake up, try at least lukewarm water. Not only will you wake up faster, you will also get rid of them and protect them from stress and its negative effects. Try

 Drink a glass of water on an empty stomach!

Many studies have shown that a glass of water in the morning on an empty stomach affects the faster flow of blood to the brain , while eliminating toxins , improving metabolism , reducing digestive disorders and boosting the immune system .

It is recommended that you drink a glass of water at least 45 minutes before breakfast in order to have a beneficial effect. This is really one of the easiest methods for waking up, and it also helps with all other functions of the body.

Choose tea instead of coffee!

If you prefer warm naps for sleepy mornings, it would definitely be better to opt for teas instead of coffee.

They also contain caffeine as well as coffee, and are healthier and have many medicinal properties, especially if you opt for natural herbal teas .

 Don’t delay the alarm clock!

Some studies say there are two types of people . One kind of people are the ones who only have one alarm clock set and get up to its first sound. The second type of people are those who have several alarm clocks in place for only 10 – 15 minutes, and regularly rise to the last after the first few delay.

In that case, it would definitely be good to be consistent starting with small things like getting up on your first alarm clock . Some experts have proven that short-term sleep after trying to wake you up makes you feel tired, sleepy, and weak all day.

If you can not help yourself in this case, it would be best to put the alarm clock on the other end of the room . This means that you will have to get up to turn it off, and you will certainly not be able to continue sleeping unless you turn it off.

 Take advantage of technology!

For many, this is still a novelty, but there are really useful apps on smart phones to help you wake up in the morning. One such application is SpinMe, which cannot be shut down until you get out of bed and rotate twice around its axis. Interesting, isn’t it?

Likewise, most smart phones have apps that help you stay consistent when it comes to sleeping and waking . Every day at the same time, you are reminded that you should go to sleep at the time you set, and every morning they ring at the same time to wake up.

This type of sleep regulation is extremely useful so you can work on adopting healthy habits.

The previous night is very important!

If you went to sleep too late, waking up in the morning will probably be very painful. Regular going to sleep at the same time will help you wake up easier and easier. What many today do, and should not, have to do with technology. Going to sleep should really mean just going to bed .

Looking at or reading from your laptop, cellphone or tablet screen for a long time just before bedtime will make it harder for you to fall asleep later. This automatically means that we will sleep shorter than we should and that we will wake up more difficult in the morning.

Experts advise that you should not use any technology for at least 45 minutes before bedtime , and you can replace it with a good book. You will fall asleep faster and it will be easier to wake up in the morning.

How to wake up fast? – tips

Awakening is most appropriate for those who are wondering how to wake up to study or how to wake up at work . In such situations, there is no time for exercise or walking in the fresh air. But there are several ways you can quickly wake up and get your body involved:

1. Lemon

If you have never tried this method, be sure to give it a try. Vitamin C is a great choice when you need a quick wake-up, so in moments of drowsiness it would be a good idea to prepare yourself a refreshing lemonade .

Some people think you don’t even have to drink lemon but just smell it. This option may be effective, but fresh lemonade is certainly not a bad choice, especially since it can also help combat stress 


If the lemon is not at hand to make lemonade, a sufficient amount of water will certainly slow down fatigue and prevent drowsiness in the workplace or at school. Make sure you always have a water bottle with you to avoid dehydration .

3. Music

Moments of sleepiness are best broken with some good rhythms . If you don’t have your own office to play music and dance a little, it’s enough to just play your favorite song on your headphones that will wake you up.

It would certainly be a good idea to consider that a song should not be too meditative but take-off, as many studies have shown how strongly music acts on brain waves . Therefore, keep in mind that you want to wake up and not fall asleep.

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