How to Organize Your Wedding Day Catering Eco-Friendly?

As you plan for your wedding day, it’s crucial that you make environment-friendly plans. What does this mean? It’s all about having a green wedding where efforts are geared towards conserving the environment.

There are technologies and innovations you can use to help your wedding be waste-free. From reducing electricity consumption to natural and sustainable foods, there are plenty of tips for every aspect of your memorable day.

The Reception Venue:

The venue sets the stage and theme for your wedding day. It’s usually the first significant decision you make as everything else tends to work around it.

Most wedding venues are lit up by electricity, but this can be different for your wedding. One way is to choose an outdoor site where there’s plenty of natural lighting. Hilltops, botanical gardens, and refurbished barns all make for ideal reception venues.

However, ensure they provide modern conveniences like toilets and sinks so that you don’t compromise on hygiene.

If outdoor venues are not your thing, settle on an indoor site that can host both the ceremony and the reception. This cuts down on fuel costs as your guests won’t have to drive from one place to another.

Choose a venue that gets plenty of sunlight so that you don’t have to use electricity during the day. You can have your wedding in a hotel that promotes eco-friendliness. Do they use energy-efficient appliances and recycle items?

Another trick is to choose a venue that’s beautiful on its own. This eliminates the need to use excessive décor on the celebration spot.

Use Organic Flowers:

The truth is, not all bouquets used in weddings are organic. Some flower farms use chemicals to protect their flowers from attack by insects. The chemicals end up affecting the natural composition of the soil.

For eco-friendly flowers, look for companies that cut the stems and immediately have them delivered to you. Less refrigeration of the flowers also means less use of electricity which translates to eco-friendliness.


Food and refreshments are the center of all celebrations, but going green doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on taste and quality. Currently, farm-to-fork is a movement that’s gaining full swing. It’s now easier than before to get access to eco-friendly food.

One thing you have to keep in mind though is that organic food will cost you more. Ask your catering service provider to source for locally-grown products that are in-season. This will help in keeping the costs down and also guarantee you of finding the freshest products.

While at it, use biodegradable utensils, favor wrappings, food trays, and other vessels during the reception. There are a variety of brands that provide all-natural products that make them suitable for compost.

The Wedding Gown:

When you think of an eco-friendly wedding dress, what comes to mind is recycling a gown, maybe your mother’s. If this sounds like an idea you can work with, have a seamstress from Azazie make it suit your style.

At this bridal store, you can as well pick a gown that’s especially for you. Check out the vintage section, and you won’t go wrong. Your bridesmaids can also wear something they already own or borrow from rental stores.

If you prefer brand new dresses, choose a designer who uses sustainable fabrics like organic cotton. Pay it forward by saving the gown for a future bride.

The Rings:

Start shopping early for your rings. This gives you the time to move around looking for conflict-free baubles. If you can find rings made from recycled metals or ethical stones, you won’t have to worry about wearing a blood diamond.

Go for antique diamond and only work with a dealer who is committed to environmental and social responsibility.

Final Thoughts:

Do you want to have a green wedding but have no idea how to go about it? Don’t fret because ideas are in plenty. Starting from the venue, choose a place that has enough natural sunlight so that you don’t have to use electricity for lighting.

When it comes to the food, choose organic products that are locally available and in season. Ensure the utensils used are biodegradable. Don’t forget to go green with your wedding rings, gown, and flower bouquets. Don’t limit yourself to these ideas; there’s a lot more you can do to have an all-green wedding.

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