How to Find a Wedding Photographer on a Budget?

Are you planning an intimate wedding? Or do you want to shell out less while hiring a wedding photographer? Yes, but you also want your wedding memories to be picture-perfect. Well, there is undoubtedly a way to it. You can find easy ways to hire a Oxfordshire wedding photographer who fits into your budget.

Well, let us discuss some of the methods to search and hire a good wedding photographer at affordable rates. 

1. Search on social media platforms 

Social media is a useful tool to find out profiles of wedding photographers in your city and those who charge affordably. There are many amateurs out there who have impressive photography skills; you just need to believe in their talents. Announce on your Facebook profile or WhatsApp that you are looking for a budget-friendly photographer. We are sure you will be approached by many of these.

If you are searching through traditional ways, then you will land on an expensive photography company. Do not fall into the game of the brand name. Instead, believe in the talent of new ones.

2. Utilize personal network recommendations 

Ask your friends or relatives who have got married recently. They must have definitely fixed a budget and hired one. You can also check their wedding album to determine the photographer’s skills. Similarly, you can ask your friends if they are aware of any photographers. You can inform them about your budget in advance.

3. Do a comparison analysis 

This applies to most of the things in our life and wedding photography is one of them. Before you fire the final one, check and compare prices and services of three or more photographers. You can even ask their opinions and discuss with them your requirements. If some weddings are lined up in the coming months, do attend them to seek an idea of different photographers.

4. Focus on the professional yet less expensive packages 

We are of the notion that professional photographers refer to expensive packages and can be hired only by the rich and the affluent. But it is not always the truth. You can find several professional photographers who are skilled in capturing the best moments without pricey rates. However, don’t forget to check their credentials and previous work samples to seek an idea of their skills.

5. Grab an off-season discount 

Well, if you have already planned your wedding in the off-season to explore attractive packages, then it is the perfect time to ask for a discount directly. Even weddings on weekdays are eligible under this criterion. So, in addition to the venue and menu discounts, you can also save on your photography expenses

6. Opt for a custom package 

If a photographer approaches you with pre-defined packages, then it is likely to seek a discount or negotiate on the prices. So, avoid such photographers and search for those who are willing to provide you with customized packages. It is the best package if you want a selected number of photos or a photographer for a fixed number of hours. You will get a few photos less than the pre-defined packages, but they would be the best memories of your special day.

7. Determine the staff size depending upon your wedding type 

If yours is a small wedding, then you do not have to hire a large staff of photographers and videographers. Even a lead photographer and a videographer are sufficient to click the moments. So, there is no need for the interns and assistants, and increasing the package costs. You will have to discuss this aspect with your photography agency well in advance and get it cleared.

8. Do not appoint a travelling wedding photographer 

Always go for the local photographers and the ones near your wedding venue. The photographers who will have to travel extensively will surely charge higher prices. You will have to bear their travel expenses too. Search for local sources; if the venue organizers are offering any suggestions, then do consider the same.

Conclusively, a wedding day is a special day, but this doesn’t mean wedding photography will burn your pockets. You can still be reasonable, enjoy and capture the moments on a limited budget by hiring the right photographer.


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Written by Lauren Williamson

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