He’s Got Legs

(Photos courtesy of The Passionate Nerds….)

I just saw a sight.  A sight of which I have never seen up close.  It was a close encounter of  the erotic kind.  I am talking about a man, on a motorcycle, wearing a kilt.  Yes, a skirt. On his motorcycle he was, driving by, fast, with black stockings up to his knees, and a tattoo on his right leg, I could barely make out.

He was hot, he was fast, and furious.  Well, I can’t confirm the latter, but you get the drift.

I heard a radio DJ mention this a few weeks ago.  She said that the fashion world would see a big shift.  She said skirts would be big.  Huge.  Skirts for men!!

I didn’t believe it at first.  It was shocking.  And now, suddenly, just this morning, as I was on my daily short walk, after lunch, I see this vision before me.

He was dressed in black, and if I do recall correctly, his skirt had some green on it.  I was quite distracted to pay attention to such a trivial matter as to the colors present.  I was completely pleasantly amazed by this rare of sights.

I mean, what if he had driven through a different neighborhood, such as Beverly Hills?  What would have been the reaction there?

“Oh my God, Becky.  Look at his legs.  They are just so harry.  Look at his legs.  They are so long, and lean, and muscular.  He looks like one of Lindsay Lohan’s boyfriends or something.  I mean, oh, my God, his legs!!  They are just so, so, so, white!!”

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Written by Maria Ayala