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I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I sent mine with my family.  We walk down the remembering the days of the past road.  I am very grateful to have so any wonderful memories to relive and so many wonderful people in my life.

I am grateful, for all that I have become.  My journey is this lifetime has been a long and a hard one.  Somehow, someway, I feel like I am at the beginning of something new and great.  I am very grateful that.

On October 30th, I self-published a few of my dream journals.  I learned a great deal about many things, from doing this.  There is always room for improvement.  I have also come up with many more book ideas.  I am very, very grateful for all of them.

I am very grateful because I have a new and beautiful outlook on my life.

I have written a poem about gratitude, you may all enjoy.

Be Grateful for the Little Things

I am very grateful for being in the process of making my dreams come true.

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