Giving it Another Shot

I have tried many times to quit, and failed every time. I am going to give it another shot. My quit date is January 2nd. I want about a month to cut down first, and to practice going long amounts of time without smoking. Especially in the mornings right after I get up.

I have been smoking for 32 years, since I was twelve. Smoking is part of my life, really deeply ingrained. It is going to be very hard for me to stop. My boyfriend is going to quit when I quit. Smoking is a financial burden, and well as a health burden.

My plan is to slowly cut down starting December 1st, and then quit totally on January 2nd. I have the patch, but I probably won’t use it. I don’t think it will help to have a constant influx of nicotine, that is the opposite of what I need. So I will cut down to four or five a day, and then when I quit it won’t be too jarring for my system, and my emotions and mind.

I have some leftover Nicotrol inhalers from my last hospital stay. I have enough for about a week. I plan to use the inhalers for the first week, or until it runs out. Then I will switch to nicotine gum. Hopefully I will only need the gum for a couple of weeks. Because it is expensive. I wish I had more of the Nicotrol, but my insurance won’t pay for it. They say I have to try the patch first, and I don’t want to do that. I think the Nicotrol and gum is the better alternative for me, so I can control my intake of nicotine, slowly cutting it down.

I think that if I can make it through the first month without smoking, I will be done for good.


What do you think?


Written by riverwild

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