Getting Ready for Winter

Time to get ready for winter. Our winters in the Pacific Northwest aren’t super cold, but enough to need a nice cozy fire on many nights. We buy a cord of wood each year, for a pretty low price. Lot’s of wood out here. We would be spending a lot more money heating with electricity.

About half of the wood is ready for the wood stove. The other half still needs to be split. Kindling is the only issue. It is hard to find inexpensive kindling so we cut most of it ourselves. There are also a lot of branches to gather from the yard. I just have to let it dry our for a few days.

We also have to stock up for winter. For power outages from winter storms. We have them every year, so it’s best to be prepared. Extra food that can be prepared easily, candles, batteries, propane.

One storm created a power outage for two weeks one year, and we were prepared so we had no problems. I hope that doesn’t happen again, but I don’t worry about it.


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Written by riverwild