Finnish Immigrants In Connecticut

There is a Finnish word sisu which means that someone who works hard has determination and perseverance. The Finnish immigrants brought this word to America when they arrived and settled in the U.S. state of Connecticut in the 1920s. They came across the sea to escape poverty in their own country.

They were glad to discover that they could buy land fairly cheaply from the American farmers. Forming their new community they became successful because they had sisu. They were able to farm the land which was rocky and could build their homes.

To help with raising their families they sold chickens and eggs. To be able to come together in the new land the Finnish also built social halls. There they could enjoy being with one another and speak their own language. The Finnish American Education Association built many social halls across Connecticut.

The Finnish American Heritage Society was formed in Canterbury in 1987. The society made sure that the Finnish social halls continued to prosper and their goal was to promote Finnish heritage, culture, and language in America. So learn from the Finnish and when you set your own goals always think sisu when faced with a difficult job ahead.


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