End of the month goals.

Good evening,

I am working on my end of the month goals. So far I managed to get my final budget written down. My next thing would be to set up bill pay for March 3 when all the bills go out. That seems like the easy part for me. On all my sites I was hoping to earn over $100 and with that said I am going to keep going strong. While I am writing out my budget so that I know what I need. I should make a shopping list. I need something to take grease out of my oven.

Something was cooked in there that left the door a mess. I can’t let it sit like that too long. I used the oven tonight and it started smoking on me. That is the tip of the ice burg for me reaching the end of the month has been a bit of a challenge. I am hoping to get into a stride for the rest of the month which would be like sliding into first base.

I know you can relate to that as well. I am super excited to see the Month end also since we are slowly moving towards Spring time. Let’s the fun begin for us all. I have very little planned for the Summer since I hate anything looking like a sun tan. Not at all do I stay in the sun long enough to burn. Nope not me. I hope the rest of the month flies by smoothly. Pixabay image.


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