Embracing Insecurities

Stretch Marks.

Butt Acnes.

Uneven Skin Tone.



I present to you, my insecurities.

I was once a confident girl until people started pointing out my flaws,

started noticing them, and well, hating them.

I hate that I have such flaws that I tried a ton of products and remedies just to get rid of it, but it did not.

I am afraid to wear dresses because people may see me.

Flawed and insecure.

I am afraid people will start talking about me and everything.

I lost my confidence, my self-esteem, myself.

Then I stumbled upon a post about embracing your flaws and loving it. I will not deny, it did not convinced me at first, but I started thinking about it.

I started reflecting.

1. I’m not that important for the people to talk about, even let their eyes lend on me.(facts haha)

2. People have always something to say. (positive or negative)

3. Being flawed is okay. And scars always tell a story (Like getting it from a bike accident while I was learning it)

4. Everyone is beautiful.

We should not be insecure just because something is not acceptable on the standards set by the society.

Stretch marks, scars, and everything makes up your body.

Love it, embrace it, and stay beautiful!xoxo


What do you think?

Written by Vanessa


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