Dracula Vampire Girl arrested in Russia

Police arrested a 22-year-old girl in Russia, who claims she is the actual vampire. The event came in the Neushi Bursk city, where a girl electrina Turskaya saw the famous TV show ‘The Vampire Diaries’ repeatedly and she herself considered to be a vampire. She then wore a man from sword, after which she was sentenced to a half year of prison.

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The incident is something like that electrina meets a person on the social media after which both of them decided to meet. Electrina stayed with him for a few days and one day she awake early and she began to demand blood and said that she is a vampire.

After that, the girl took a knife and attacked her friend. at this moment, the boy twisted the girl’s knife and took her knife, but the next moment, the girl picked up another knife and tried to wander his chest. During this time, the girl called herself a vampire.

After that man ran out of the house and reported to the neighbors and Police got there in a while and arrested the girl. On the investigation, she named Elena Gilbert, instead of her real name, who was the main character of the Vampire TV show. she said she wanted to kill his enemy, who was a werewolf.

After this strange attack, the court has sentenced her for 2 years imprisonment for Punishment and a fine of $ 5000 USD . This penalty will be given to the man on whom She had attacked.


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