Trombone intersects.I feel like I ‘d like to meet you like that. Like a cloud swimming in the sky. Did it crash and melted away?I wonder when it’s going wrong …Still Somewhere. Only you are asking …I wanted to see you … I drew it in the blue sky. Wish to continue to the future …Today too. It’s dazzling … I love you …It is blooming side by side with the sunrise. Like sunflower. I want to stare at glitter My Love. I will live face to face with you. My new breath in it. Wind and town are all … It seems different. Every day is somewhat colorful. There are also things that you do not care about. Do not hide anything. I always tell you the most …Sometimes the season goes around. Even if they interfere with each other.  I want to look glittering My Love. Forever and ever…


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Written by seriopscual

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