Country Girl – part 23

Zelda wanted to resist, she wanted to shout.  Aunt Yvonne was very big and strong, it wasn’t one time she’d gotten a slap from one of those heavy hands.

“But I’m not doing anything!”  Zelda cried, pitifully.

Yvonne looked around the room, then walked to the closet and opened it quickly.   There, on the door, on the walls were photo after photo of a man.  The face of the woman next to him had been replaced by  that of Zelda.

“Who is this?”  Yvonne asked.

“Ohno… Oh Lord..  not again…on no.” Hazel cried.

“He’s no body…he…he he is my boyfriend!”

“Only in your mind Zelda, cause this body on which you pasted your face, is not your body.   How far have you gone to ruin this man’s life?”

“No,  no!  It is not like that!”  Zelda cried.


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Written by jaylar

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