Country Girl – part 14

Zelda waited anxiously for Av and Dulcie to arrive.  When they finally entered,  Dulcie  grateful that Zelda had found and returned her phone, had bought Zelda a gift.

Dulcie had no idea that Zelda hadn’t found her phone, she had stolen her phone.  She had not returned the phone, she had used it as a way to get Zelda’s boyfriend to come to her.

Zelda failed. Av didn’t come to the bar, he told his girlfriend, Dulcie.  She came to the bar.  She was the last person Zelda wanted to see, ever.

Although Zelda smiled and took the little bag,  the idea it came from Dulcie made her  want to throw it in the garbage.  Zelda wanted nothing from Dulcie but her boyfriend, Av.

Things were not going as planned.  Zelda  had no idea what would be the right thing to say, how to grip Av’s interest.  He wasn’t even looking in her direction,  texting on his phone.

Dulcie took their order and went away, not  wanting to come back and serve.

There was nothing that frightened her more than not knowing what she would do next.  She’d have to figure out a new and better strategy.  She had to learn about Av, where he lived, worked, liked.

She  had an idea of asking him when Dulcie’s birthday was, perhaps pretending to be Dulcie’s friend. Zelda would hve to get him alone to ask him.  She shouldn’t call him… no…

The best things was to play calm,  hope that Dulcie would go to the bathroom and give her a few moments… to talk to Av.


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Written by jaylar

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