Country Girl – part 10

In her new flat above the bar, Zelda did her cleaning, some shopping,  made herself a meal, then came down to work.

She expected her ‘beloved’  around eight at night.

She had heard them call him “Av…”  didn’t know what that was short for.   The female, whom she instinctively hated, was called ‘Dulcie’.

When  they entered she rushed to them with a huge smile, and they recognised her from Martha’s shop.

When they asked the expected questions about what she was doing here, she looked away as if hiding something painful.  She told them that she’d started working here, then took their orders.    She wanted to create a bit of ‘mystery’  so that they’d think of her, and why she left the shop.

She had the bartender make a bit of a fuss for ‘Av’s’ drink, and served it to him with a blinding smile.  She gave Dulcie a piece of that smile, then went away, knowing they’d discuss her.

She knew it would take time but she’d get Av to fall in love with her and dump Dulcie.

This wasn’t her first plunge into other people’s relationships.   This one would end better than the last, she was certain.


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Written by jaylar

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