Chines Girl Prepare Bridle dress from 40 empty bags of cement

Marriage is an important turn of human life, these are the happy moments that every family make more colorful and elegant in their regional civilizations. Everyone wants them to be memorable.However, wedding costs are a major obstacle to fulfilling these desires.

28 year Lee Lee Tan is a farmer and resident of village in China, and she is an creative mind and come up with unique idea for those women who wear expensive bridle dresses on their marriage ceremony.

The construction work was underway at Li Li Tian’s house, and many cement bags were used in construction, and she thought to why not use these empty cements bags and it took only three hour’s. Lee Lee tian has seen this dress design in a fashion magazine.

Lee Lee Tian uses cement empty bags like clothes and sewed a bridle dress, and the video of this bridle dress is viral on social media and public are responding her very positively.


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