Cartoons are NOT for kids… They’re for EVERYONE!

Although most of the world doesn’t really pay attention to little details in life, maintaining the existence of cartoons is actually healthy for you.

Cartoons make the world a better place because it eases your mind with silly imagery, the form of art giving us a unique way to appreciate illogically precious humor, touching scenes, and beautiful messages (in which we think are overrated or boring, and yet we don’t even listen to them most of the time).

If you go to therapists, psychologists or psychiatrists, they will tell you that watching cartoons is one of the ways to go to positively impact your life and keep your soul healthy. I know, I’ve met a few nice ones.

Society says: Cartoons are for kids! Just because something looks silly or doesn’t curse, and the business makes a younger audience their target audience for that specific show or movie, it doesn’t mean that it is only for kids, meaning that only children are allowed to watch it because adults would look ridiculous doing it. This is not the case at all. Ratings limit the audience down to teens or kids simply for the reason that they cannot watch imagery that may or will be too brutal for them, and yet when they watch more restricted shows or films, they don’t look ridiculous doing it when they’re worse than “cleaner, nicer shows.”

Let’s take SpongeBob as an example. It’s a kid-friendly show (even if some people debate that it’s not), so everyone can watch it. When it came out in the 1990s, everyone was ecstatic. Nowadays the media manipulates: “it’s for kids, it’s for kids, it’s for kids,” even though there are adult fans all over the place who decided not to listen and enjoyed themselves.

Or let’s look at the Looney Toons. Those creators certainly made the Looney Toons so that everyone can watch and enjoy them, and they were a hit! Current cartoonists making their own projects certainly believe the same exact thing!

My message for you: If you like a show or movie and the world declares “it’s only for kids,” you don’t listen to the world and you watch what you’re a fan of. We have been put here to enjoy our lives, not sit around and listen to silly restrictions due to what one other soul just like you gets to somehow determine what’s proper.


What do you think?